Through Her Career Doctor, I'm committed to helping you get the clarity you need to find your fulfilling career and job search with confidence.

Through Her Career Doctor, I'm committed to helping you get the clarity you need to find your fulfilling career and job search with confidence.

Training + Experience

If you’re tired of taking career advice from career coaches and people whose only experience with career success and job searching is their own personal career journey, you’ve come to the right place. Her Career Doctor is driven by my own personal career journey and 5+ years working as a career counselor.

I Don’t Write Resumes

In the career space, everybody loves talking about your “resume” and optimizing it for the job search (I even help my clients build their resumes and have a program on it). But what good is a resume if you end up in the wrong job? I believe a resume is a tool that comes in handy after you’ve found the right job for you.

Fulfillment > Status

Finding a career you love, to me, isn’t about status or prestige, it’s about fulfillment and satisfaction. You can easily do all the “right things” and land a job that payes well. But being in the wrong job for you will eventually impact your mental health, confidence, relationships, and life satisfaction.

A few quick things about me:

  • I changed my career path after deciding I didn’t want to be miserable for the rest of my life. I didn’t want to keep feeling “less than”, so I chose confidence, satisfaction, and fulfillment instead.

  • Since finding my own fulfilling career path, I’ve worked as a school counselor, mental health counselor, career counselor, and now I work as a professor where I train future counselors.

  • I’ve worked as a career counselor for over 5 years, 2 of which were spent working as a career counselor in one of the top career services centers in the nation.

  • I turned my own confusion and frustration at work into the catalyst for developing my VISA framework for career clarity and Flipped Triangle Model for career decision-making.

Quick qualifications
Master’s Degree in Counseling | PhD in Counselor Education | 5+ years’ Experience Career Counseling & Coaching | Licensed Professional Counselor | Certified Salary Negotiation Facilitator | National Certified Counselor.

I mention al this here, just to clarify that when I talk about career success, I do so from actual experience and training. I’m not a career coach whose only career success is my own success. 😉

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From Stuck And Miserable To Confident And Successful: My Story

About Her Career Doctor

I wasn’t always fulfilled and confident in my career.

Before I got on my current path, I was on track for a career in the healthcare industry and I was miserable. I picked my career path based on what society said was a “good enough” (read: prestigious) job for me and that was a dumb move.

See, I grew up in a culture where “good jobs” were jobs like doctor, lawyer, nurse, engineer, accountant, etc. Plus, there were people I loved around me who were on this same path – so I thought that meant it was right for me too and that I should be as successful as they were.

But not only was I miserable, I thought something was wrong with me because everyone around me seemed to be thriving and flourishing and I wasn’t.

I thought I wasn’t smart enough. Or good enough. And it shook my confidence.

And if I’m being honest, I was low-key getting in my own way with fear and self-doubt.

The Decision

But then I remember back in 2009, lying in bed in my parents’ house back in Nigeria during my “figure my life out” year and deciding I didn’t want to be unhappy for the rest of my life.

I remember thinking that I deserved happiness.

I looked up and thought to myself “I’m not happy at all and I DON’T want to go through life being unhappy.

I still didn’t know what I would do instead, but I knew for a fact that I deserved better in my career and that I wanted to make decisions about my own life without the pressures of society.

I quickly realized that the only way I was going to find a fulfilling career path would be to find a career that aligned with who I was. But to find it, I would have to understand who I was. What I did and didn’t want. So that I would have a clear sense of where to go next.

It was this pivotal period in my life that started me on my current path in the counseling field. 

My decision to be happy started the ball rolling.

About Her Career Doctor

My office as a school counselor - how can you beat an office with bean bags?!

The Beginning of Fulfillment

After getting super clear about what I valued, what I was interested in, what skills I wanted to develop I went back to school to get my Master’s in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

And then I got my first fulfilling job as a school counselor in Colorado. It was during these years that I experienced what it felt like to be in a fulfilling career.

It was so amazing to work in a job where I enjoyed the work, the people, and was always ready to show up as my best self because I was invested in the organization and profession.

During this time, I discovered interests like a desire to help people, a passion for connection, and a love for teaching.

I also fell head over heels in love with mountains - so much so that I went back to Colorado Springs for my wedding even though I hadn't lived there in over 4 years.

I was so invested in the counseling profession that I decided to continue to get my PhD so that I could advocate for other counselors.

About Her Career Doctor

At my doctoral graduation.

Leveraging My High-Power Skills

I found my love for career counseling and career development during this phase of my life.

I took a job as a career counselor while I was earning my PhD and talk about fulfilling! Helping people figure out a direction for their lives, seeing people light up when they found a career path that aligned with who they were. It was such a gratifying experience to be a part of. 

Once I was done with my PhD, I knew I wanted to go into academia – teaching is one of my high-power skills – where I could train counselors who would go on to impact more people.

Which is how I ended up teaching at a university in St. Louis, MO. 

But barely into my first year as a professor, I missed working with people one on one!

I immediately knew I couldn’t let go of career counseling entirely, but I couldn’t just jump in. I had to go back to my framework and clarify my values and interests. I had to get super clear about who I was passionate about serving

And so, Her Career Doctor was born.

My Mission

After experiencing what it feels like to be in a fulfilling career, I am now on a mission to help other women feel the joy, confidence and satisfaction that comes from being in a fulfilling career.

One of my core beliefs as a career doctor is that every woman should be in a career that aligns with her values and makes her feel valued.

I have found one consistent theme over my time working with clients - the search for your dream career is easier to navigate when you have someone else navigating the journey with you.

I’ve seen firsthand connection between life and career satisfaction and what happens to your life satisfaction when you’re in a career that doesn’t align with who you are. This is why I approach career development from a holistic lens.

I know that if I’m able to help even just one woman find a career she loves, I’m indirectly impacting her life, her relationships, her family, her children, and her legacy. 

My ultimate goal is to leave a legacy behind. A legacy of the importance of doing work that aligns with who you are. A legacy that gives women permission to love their jobs. Gives women permission to thrive at work and own their awesomeness. 

And I want to start with you. 

If you’ve read this far, then I already know that you’re ready for a fulfilling career cause sis, that was a long story! 😂

So, go ahead and join the Her Career Doctor tribe below, and if you’re ready to start your fulfilling career journey, let’s work together.

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