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Through Her Career Doctor, I'm committed to helping you get the clarity you need to find your fulfilling career and job search with confidence.

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I am here to help other women
achieve more

After experiencing what it feels like to be in a fulfilling career, I am now on a mission to help other women feel the joy, confidence and satisfaction that comes from being in a fulfilling career.

One of my core beliefs as a career doctor is that every woman should be in a career that aligns with her values and makes her feel valued. I have found one consistent theme over my time working with clients - the search for your dream career is easier to navigate when you have someone else navigating the journey with you.

I’ve seen firsthand connection between life and career satisfaction and what happens to your life satisfaction when you’re in a career that doesn’t align with who you are. This is why I approach career development from a holistic lens.

I know that if I’m able to help even just one woman find a career she loves, I’m indirectly impacting her life, her relationships, her family, her children, and her legacy.

My ultimate goal is to leave a legacy behind. A legacy of the importance of doing work that aligns with who you are. A legacy that gives women permission to love their jobs. Gives women permission to thrive at work and own their awesomeness. And I want to start with you.

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I help women do the self-work and research necessary to access their joyful and fulfilling career!