I help women who are unhappy at work get clarity so they can find a fulfilling career and job search with confidence. 

I help women who are unhappy at work get clarity so they can find a fulfilling career and job search with confidence. 

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You deserve to enjoy what you do for a living

Too many women stay in careers where they feel stuck, undervalued, and frustrated - usually out of fear or lack of clarity about their options. Does that sound like you? 

I'm here to tell you: You deserve better. 

You'll spend over 90,000 hours of your entire adult life at work - being miserable for that much of your life makes zero sense. And contrary to popular belief, you can in fact enjoy your career.

I believe that every woman should be in a career that aligns with her values and makes her feel valued.

I can help you get crystal clear about what you value, what you're skilled at and what you're intrested in so that you can find a fulfilling career that allows you to live on purpose, thrive in your zone of genius and get paid your true worth.

I'm ready to help you find your dream career; are you?

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Live your life On Purpose

Hi there! I'm...
Tega Edwin, PhD

(pronounced tay-gah). Before finding my own fulfilling career, I was on a path that didn't align with who I was AT ALL!

I constantly felt like something was wrong with me and like I was failing at life because I wasn't successful or enjoying what I was doing.
 It wasn't until I finally decided that I couldn't go through life being unhappy that things finally changed.

I went through a process that led me to find a job I absolutely LOVE. And then I realized that every woman deserves to experience the joy, satisfaction and CONFIDENCE that comes from being in a career that you truly enjoy.  

Through Her Career Doctor, I help women who are unhappy at work get clarity so they can find a fulfilling career & job search with confidence.

Quick qualifications
Master’s Degree in Counseling | PhD in Counselor Education 5+ years’ Experience Career Counseling & Coaching | Licensed Professional Counselor |  ​Certified Salary Negotiation Facilitator  |  National Certified Counselor.

Work with Me

Her career doctor services

A self-paced program to help you get super clear about who you are and figure out your fulfilling career options.

Her career doctor services

Work with me 1-on-1 to  figure out your fulfilling career options and transition out of your current role.