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Hi there 👋🏾! I'm...

Tega Edwin, PhD

Her career Doctor

(pronounced tay-gah). I'm a professor and career counselor. 

As a professor, I teach other people how to be counselors. I use the same strategies I teach my students in my work as a career counselor. 

I have worked as a career counselor for over 5 years, 2 of those years were spent working as a career counselor with one of the top career services center in the Nation. 

One of my core beliefs as a career doctor is that every woman should be in a career that aligns with her values and makes her feel valued.

I have found one consistent theme over my time working with clients - the search for your dream career is easier to navigate when you have someone else navigating the journey with you.

As a counselor I believe in the connection between life and career satisfaction which is why I approach career development from a holistic lens.

Yes, I can help you work on your resume, cover letter or LinkedIn page - but those are just tools in the process.

You can have the best resume in your industry, but without clarity about who you are and what you want, you can still feel stuck and unfulfilled where you are. 

When I'm not teaching in a classroom or working on Her Career Doctor, I'm hanging out on Instagram, watching a show on Netflix/Hulu, or creating space in my belly for dessert 😂

I'm glad you found this space - let me help you find your joyful and fulfilling career!

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