You deserve to enjoy what you do for a living.


If you’re like my other clients, you're a high-achieving, purposeful woman and you know you can make a greater impact wi th your career, you just have no idea how to do that.

You're ready to transition to a more fulfilling career but you're  feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about where to start. You worked your way up the proverbial ladder because it’s "what you were meant to do” and now you’ve realized your current career is not aligned with who you are and you're unfulfilled and unhappy at work.

Friend, work really isn't meant to be miserable.

You can find a career that you truly enjoy and work that makes you feel like yourself again. Your fulfilling career is out there - trust me. Finding it will just take a bit of work on your part, but you don't have to do the work by yourself.

And that's where Your Career EDIT comes in...

Based on your personal needs, we'll work together to help you achieve your career goals.

​I'm here to help you overcome limiting beliefs, evaluate your mindset, build your career-confidence, and discover a fulfilling career that allows you to live on purpose, thrive in your zome of genius and get paid your true worth.

So, what exactly is Your Career EDIT?


Your Career EDIT is an 8-session program where I help you discover and attain your fulfilling career using my 4-part EDIT framework.

Using my EDIT Framework, I’ll help you get crystal clear about your non-negotiable values, your zone of genius interest areas and your high-power skills. We’ll use that information about you to find a career you’ll truly thrive in and I’ll guide you through applying, attaining and negotiating your worth at your new fulfilling job.

The 4-part EDIT Framework

Phase 1: Evaluate + Envision

  • Identify the fears and mindset barriers keeping you stuck + create a plan to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Complete an assessment to get clarity about your top 8 non-negotiable values
  • Envision your hoped for self and ideal work day
  • Get clear about what success looks like for you

Phase 2: Determine

  • Access your 3-code zone of genius interest areas with a clarity assessment
  • Identify your top 3 fulfilling career options 
  • Determine your high-power skills and connect them to your fulfilling role
  • Get crystal clear about who you are and develop confidence in your career search skills 

Phase 3: Investigate

  • Leverage LinkedIn to investigate roles and industries
  • Access connection scripts that get you responses from warm and cold contacts
  • Develop your 30sec, 1min & 3min elevator pitch aligned with your fulfilling role
  • Develop skills to network and connect with the right people

Phase 4: Tailor

  • Create a resume & cover letter that highlights your career story and aligns with your  fulfilling role
  • Practice & develop confidence in your interview skills 
  • Determine your top transferable skills and connect them to your  fulfilling role
  • Negotiate a job offer and ensure that you walk away with an offer that’s aligned with your value

Here's what the process looks like:

Once you hit the Book  button below, you'll be redirected to schedule your free 20-minute sales call to determine if this is the right fit for you.

After  we determine fit during the free call, you'll get an email with your invoice and an email invitation to your customized client portal in Trello.

In your customized client portal, you’ll have access to your intake survey to help me get clear on your goals & everything else we’ll need while working together.

This package is for you if...

You're ready to take action and invest in your own career growth and satisfaction.

Over the 8 sessions, you'll get:

8  60-minute 1-on-1 calls ($2,000 value)

Unlimited access and support via WhatsApp (M-F 8am – 8pm) ($1,100 value)

Weekly action items + session recordings to
keep you working towards your goals
($300 value)

Ultimate Job Search Kit

Access to my Resumes
that Lead to Interviews
($385 value)

THis coaching program is valued at $3,785

But what's your investment?

One payment of


6 payments of 


Who's your guide?

Her Career Doctor Tega Edwin, PhD

Hey there ! I'm Dr. Tega Edwin and I'm here to help you make a purposeful career transition that aligns with your strengths, skills and values.

Before finding my own fulfilling career, I was on a path that didn't align with who I was AT ALL!
I constantly felt like something was wrong with me and like I was failing at life because I wasn't successful or enjoying what I was doing. It wasn't until I finally decided that I couldn't go through life being unhappy that things finally changed.

I we
nt through a process that led me to find a job I absolutely LOVE. And then I realized that every woman deserves to experience the joy, satisfaction and CONFIDENCE that comes from being in a career that you truly enjoy.

Through Her Career Doctor, I help women who are unhappy at work get clarity so they can find a fulfilling career & job search with confidence.

Quick qualifications
Master’s Degree in Counseling | PhD in Counselor Education | 5+ years’ Experience Career Counseling & Coaching | 2+ years Working as a Career Counselor in on of the Top Career Services Centers in the Nation | Licensed Professional Counselor | National Certified Counselor.

Tega Edwin, PhD