You deserve to enjoy what you do for a living.


Your Career Strategy is a 1-hour career session designed to help you strategize for success and a quick win in one of the following areas:

1. Career Brand Document Strategy

We'll create a resume and cover letter that positions your career story and skills to align with your dream job. What does this include?

  • A comprehensive audit of your resume to help you craft a resume that gets more interview invitations
  • Learn my 4-part ATM Cover letters that convert method for crafting an effective cover letter
  • Leave with a resume  and cover letter checklist and a cover letter template

2. Interview Success Strategy

We'll prepare for your upcoming interview and develop strategies to ace the interview. What does this include?

  • Craft your value-add statement in response to the “why are you a good fit for this position?” question
  • Research the company and tailor your response to the “tell me about yourself” question to the  role you’re applying for.
  • Prepare concise and savvy responses to those pesky behavioral questions
  • Craft your core  3 questions to ask the interviewers
  • Leave with your interview strategy guide

"I used Tega's cover letter formatting tips which was incredibly helpful! I had mad paragraphs and this helped me to quickly draft cover letters for each application with the burden of writers block.

After each, I sent thank you letters stating exactly what I wanted for from the next step like Tge aadvised and I received a job offer!"

- Mesha

3. Negotiation Strategy

We'll review an offer and craft a counteroffer that aligns with the value you're brining to the company. What does this include?

  • Research cost of living and comparable salaries to determine a monetary value that's aligned with your personal and professional value-add
  • Craft an evidence-based counteroffer to negotiate a higher salary
  • Review other aspects of the offer packet that can be negotiated to put more money in your pocket
  • Leave with my Negotiation Strategy guide.
  • If you need help strategizing to ask for a raise, we’ll  collate your receipts, accomplishments, and craft a script to make the ask

4. Job Search Strategy

We’ll develop an efficient and frustration fee job search strategy. What does this include?

  • Create an application game plan with a daily and weekly task-list to keep your search process streamlined
  • Identify high-value search platforms for your industry
  • Create an application game plan with a daily and weekly task-list to keep your search process streamlined
  • Develop an effective networking strategy
  • Review how to leverage LinkedIn for your search and connection

"The first time I worked with Tega, I was looking for a slight career change and didn’t know how to make all of my “unrelated” skills and responsibilities look more transferable for the job I wanted

She took the time to sit down with me to explain ways I can improve in the future. The both times I worked with Tega, not only did I get an interview, but I also landed the job both times! Tega was so professional and relatable. 

I love that she was always willing to help me and educate me on how to improve professionally!

- Chantel | College Recruiter



Hey there! Dr. Tega Edwin here and I'm here to help you make a purposeful career transition that aligns with your strengths, skills and values.

 I have 5+ years of experience working as a career counselor and coach. For years, I've helped women navigate their career journey in a way that leads to a higher level of life satisfaction.

I developed my strategy sessions to help you achieve quick wins and successes in your career.

If you're ready to take the leap out of a frustrating career and land in a career that fills you with joy and leads to a higher life satisfaction, book your strategy session now and let's get working on getting you into that dream role.

It’s time to stop aimlessly searching 💻 on Google, LinkedIn and Indeed.com for random jobs that you think will make you feel confident and satisfied again.

There are a lot of “gurus” sharing information that can cause you to feel more confused about your next steps 😕 , instead of working from a clear strategy.

My strategy session will guide you towards attaining your dream job while reducing overwhelm and helping you feel more confident in yourself and your identity.

If you're ready for your transition and transformation, hit the book your strategy session now 👆🏾 and let's get to work!