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Her Career Doctor Tega Edwin, PhD


Your life satisfaction and your career satisfaction are linked but most women have no idea what to do instead of thier current career so they stay in a career that makes them feel stuck, stagnant and miserable. Through my 1-on-1 programs I can help you discover and attain a fulfilling career.


Digital training and courses to guide you through developing an effective resume, getting clear about your next career move, discovering your transferable skills and more.


I'm a available as a keynote, expert panelist, or workshop host for the following topics (or similar):

-Discover Your Fulfilling Career: How to Find a Career You’ll Enjoy 

-Get Paid Your Worth: How to Navigate Salary Negotiation to Get Paid More Than You’re Offered

-Ace the Interview: Develop Interview Skills That Lead to Job Offers

-Take the Leap: How to Transition Out of a Frustrating Career

To receive a custom proposal for your organization email hello@hercareerdoctor.com